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  • I usually never use this phrase but: I have stress

    Posted on May 14th, 2009 Jouva Moufette No comments

    So I’ve got a lot of stress lately. I’ve got a project that I just completed whereby the client is apparently giving me the run around for trying to pay me. I also have some other work I want to do that isn’t going anywhere at the moment because the guy doesn’t seem to understand that I can’t do certain things for him YET until I get other equipment first and has yet to give me a list of other things to do.

    I also have some small side work I am doing as a favor for some folks that is dealing with some code and server components that can be very frustrating, and it took me nearly a whole day just to get one feature of the site to work.

    Also, since I moved I have yet to get a call about any applications I have put in and do not have my own funds to get around town to find said jobs easily. Everything within walking distance is pretty much mom and pop stores.

    But the biggest issue just happened about 1 hour ago. My dad had vascular bypass surgery on Tuesday on his leg. A nice long cut along his leg to. He decided to smoke. After about 4 puffs my mom was trying to speak to him and all he could do was mumble for about 2 minutes.

    So now he’s back IN the hospital and just arrived minutes ago. I have too much stuff going on and too much stress to want to be in the hospital, so I need to get out of this house for now.

    tl;dr: my head is now ready to explode.

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