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  • After a long wait, Fursuit DDR videos 13 through 15 uploaded!

    Posted on May 1st, 2010 Jouva Moufette No comments

    Alright it’s been many many months since I made new fursuit DDR videos; almost a year in fact (since July 13th). I stopped for a while because my pads broke on me, but I got one done for you guys and the next one will be about online gaming, this is kind of out my expertise but I’m so excited for this one, you will have all the pointers for  online games and virtual games as well, you will be able to not only understand how they work but to choose the ones you like, at android4fun you can get apk games and apps for free., have you try any of this, you can Know more here.

    But last month I got a new working pad. So now I bring you another edition of my Fursuit DDR videos… 80’s edition!

    I just went to FCN 2010 so I’m still on a bit of an 80’s kick (especially since it seems like a lot of places are playing more and more 80’s these days). So I decided to reflect that in my videos with three songs from the 80’s* licensed for DDR

    Video #13 – The Reflex dedicated to Aka Karyuu and Eternal
    Video #14 – Take On Me
    Video #15 – Video Killed The Radio Star AAA!

    Enjoy! Don’t forget to rate the videos, leave comments and subscribe to my channel for more videos like these!

    * = TECHNICALLY Video Killed The Radio Star is from 1979, but it was only a 3 month gap from the 80’s and is still heavily associated with the 80’s for being the first song ever played on MTV.

  • Fursuit DDR videos 9 through 12 uploaded

    Posted on July 13th, 2009 Jouva Moufette No comments

    The pads held up very well this time. Well enough that I got my first AAA! Also for my 10th video I figured “why not” and played a 10 footer. Was hoping to do MAX300 but I ended up going with PARANOIA survivor instead. I still suck at 10 footers anyway :P Here’s the links

    Video #9 – A Stupid Barber AAA!
    Video #10 – PARANOIA Survivor 10 footer!
    Video #11 – 蒼い衝動 (for EXTREME)
    Video #12 – Last Message dedicated to Wag! Teh Dog

    Enjoy! Don’t forget to rate the videos, leave comments and subscribe to my channel for more videos like these!

  • Fursuit DDR videos 5 through 8 uploaded

    Posted on June 17th, 2009 Jouva Moufette No comments

    I just recorded and put up 4 new videos today for you folks and traveled to Quebec. Mixed results but I’m overall happy with it. I also have the capturing and encoding down pretty well. Did another song I can stealth. I think I may try to record multiple songs each time with one of them being a stealth (until I don’t have any more songs I can stealth). I am so happy with the results I will throw a party to celebrate with the best Oddbins Champagne Range.

    Video #6 – DREAM A DREAM (Mirror, Stealth)
    Video #7 – xenon (Dedicated to Aka Karyuu)
    Video #8 – DRIFTING AWAY

    Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos.

  • New DDR video (but not in fursuit)

    Posted on June 10th, 2009 Jouva Moufette No comments

    Back a bit before I actually started recording the videos in fursuit, I was testing stuff such as camera positioning and lighting and audio and whatnot. In the middle of doing so I AAAed Kind Lady which isn’t really too hard for me and not new for me either. The results screen never did come up though since the disc was not in great shape.

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    Either way, click the link if you care to watch. Then subscribe to my channel for more videos like it.

  • Three new fursuit DDR videos posted!

    Posted on June 8th, 2009 Jouva Moufette No comments

    Good news is that I managed to get the equipment to hook up my VCR to my WinTV card! So I was able to properly encode the latest videos now. These videos, along with any future videos, include better and direct audio feed of the song AND video in the corner of the screen. I’m also glad the pad held up for the most part this time.

    Here’s the links:

    Video #2: THE SHINING POLARIS dedicated to sher0lk
    Video #3: AM-3P (Mirror, Stealth)
    Video #4: RHYTHM AND POLICE K.O.G. G3 Mix

    If you don’t have time to watch them all, at least watch #3

    Enjoy! And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up to date on any videos I post.

  • Jouva’s Fursuit DDR Video #1: Polovtsian Dances and Chorus

    Posted on May 31st, 2009 Jouva Moufette No comments

    My first video is officially up! Watch it here! Or check out the embedded video below.

    I’ll probably also redo this song since the pad’s not cooperating with me. Hence why I got 2 misses with only 1 great.

    Fast Tube by Casper

  • First Fursuit DDR Video Recorded!

    Posted on May 28th, 2009 Jouva Moufette No comments

    Tonight I’ve finally recorded my first fursuit DDR video! I’ll try and encode it in a bit and maybe even upload it tonight, but no promises on that. But if you want to watch when it’s published if you don’t look at my LJ or blog much, subscribe to my channel!

    For my first video, it took me about 45 minutes of preparation to make sure I had the right positions and height and such, and to make sure equipment was still calibrated. Then it took me about 30-45 minutes to do recordings. Cause some things went wrong. The pad isn’t in great shape, my paws aren’t great so I decided to simply take them off. And trying another song, the pad just ended up being very bad. All in all, I only ended up with 1 song, but atleast now I know how to set it up quicker.

    Anyway, video coming soon!

  • Fursuit DDR/bemani videos

    Posted on April 23rd, 2009 Jouva Moufette No comments

    What am I getting myself into! I’ve been thinking of possibly recording videos of me playing DDR and other fursuit-friendly music games (drummania and Pop’n Music come to mind) and posting them to YouTube. I’ll probably make some list of songs available based on the mixes I have and whether I’ve done them or not. I’ll also let people vote on songs they want to see done or re-done if they think I can get a better score on it.

    Hop over to this web-site and let’s see how this goes.