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  • After a long wait, Fursuit DDR videos 13 through 15 uploaded!

    Posted on May 1st, 2010 Jouva Moufette No comments

    Alright it’s been many many months since I made new fursuit DDR videos; almost a year in fact (since July 13th). I stopped for a while because my pads broke on me, but I got one done for you guys and the next one will be about online gaming, this is kind of out my expertise but I’m so excited for this one, you will have all the pointers for  online games and virtual games as well, you will be able to not only understand how they work but to choose the ones you like, at android4fun you can get apk games and apps for free., have you try any of this, you can Know more here.

    But last month I got a new working pad. So now I bring you another edition of my Fursuit DDR videos… 80’s edition!

    I just went to FCN 2010 so I’m still on a bit of an 80’s kick (especially since it seems like a lot of places are playing more and more 80’s these days). So I decided to reflect that in my videos with three songs from the 80’s* licensed for DDR

    Video #13 – The Reflex dedicated to Aka Karyuu and Eternal
    Video #14 – Take On Me
    Video #15 – Video Killed The Radio Star AAA!

    Enjoy! Don’t forget to rate the videos, leave comments and subscribe to my channel for more videos like these!

    * = TECHNICALLY Video Killed The Radio Star is from 1979, but it was only a 3 month gap from the 80’s and is still heavily associated with the 80’s for being the first song ever played on MTV.