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  • After a long wait, Fursuit DDR videos 13 through 15 uploaded!

    Posted on May 1st, 2010 Jouva Moufette No comments

    Alright it’s been many many months since I made new fursuit DDR videos; almost a year in fact (since July 13th). I stopped for a while because my pads broke on me.

    But last month I got a new working pad. So now I bring you another edition of my Fursuit DDR videos… 80’s edition!

    I just went to FCN 2010 so I’m still on a bit of an 80’s kick (especially since it seems like a lot of places are playing more and more 80’s these days). So I decided to reflect that in my videos with three songs from the 80’s* licensed for DDR

    Video #13 – The Reflex dedicated to Aka Karyuu and Eternal
    Video #14 – Take On Me
    Video #15 – Video Killed The Radio Star AAA!

    Enjoy! Don’t forget to rate the videos, leave comments and subscribe to my channel for more videos like these!

    * = TECHNICALLY Video Killed The Radio Star is from 1979, but it was only a 3 month gap from the 80’s and is still heavily associated with the 80’s for being the first song ever played on MTV.