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  • #amazonfail more like #amazonfailfail

    Posted on April 15th, 2009 Jouva Moufette No comments

    Wow. This right after I post the link for the cheap G1s. But I still support them…

    I glanced the trending topics on Twitter the other day and saw the #amazonfail tag. After reading many of the Twitter posts, there was obviously something not quite right on Books disappeared. You couldn’t easily find them. Why the big stink? Because many of these books were either written by a homosexual author or were LBGT-oriented.

    That’s definitely got a disturbing ring to it. I still have yet to understand a full non-religious specific reasoning behind anti-gay movements. It’s different, sure. But to hate? Come on guys. But back to the topic at hand.

    Right away I was skeptical. I was not convinced a large company would do something like this and figure they’d get away with it. Nor would they have an intention. To think that such a large well known company would even consider such an action doesn’t make sense at all. They know better than to think people are going to assume they have no such books, or that they suddenly, without warning removed these books. Even if they did think others would notice, they know that there would be a loud outcry by the community that would hurt their image.

    So why does everybody seem to want to bring out pitchforks and torches so easily? This post lays it out pretty clearly in my opinion: “Moral judgment is harder to reverse than other, less emotional forms; when an event precipitates the cleansing anger of righteousness, admitting you were mistaken feels dirty.”

    I think that more people need to take the time to remember there’s always two sides to a story. Even when you are angry at somebody, some corporation, or something, think of the possibilities as to why this decision was made. Take everything into account.

    I leave you with a link of irony. The sale of on eBay. The picture used is that of’s web servers less gracefully announcing a technical difficulty and that the site is unavailable. The added caption: “404 – FAIL!”. The irony of this picture being that 404 is an HTTP status code which means “Object Not Found”. 404 is, unfortunately, a heavily overused term to mean you cannot view a page in general. “Service Unavailable” is actually status 503.  So I call this “‘404 – FAIL!’ FAIL!”

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